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Fulton County Geoportal
A platform for sharing geospatial resources for Fulton County, Georgia

*** Please Note ****

The Fulton County Geoportal will be retired on October 01, 2017.

The new Fulton County data portal will be hosted on ArcGIS Online/Open Data at the following link:

Fulton County Data Portal

Please make note of this and transition to this site as the geoportal will no longer be supported after it is retired.

Downloadable Data
Downloadable data are geospatial data that can downloaded for use in geographic information system (GIS) software for making maps and doing spatial analysis. Most data are provided in ESRI shapefile format, an open format compatible with a wide range of software. Some data publishers also provide KML or KMZ files.

Static Map Images
Static map images are high-quality maps suitable for printing and display. Static maps are generally published in PDF format. Most maps can be previewed in Geoportal and downloaded for whatever use you may have. Some maps are designed for large-format plotting so may require professional equipment for plotting at their optimal size.

Live Map Services
Live map services provide a way to make use of geospatial data without downloading files. Many geographic information system (GIS) software packages allow you to connect to map services by entering a web address. Live map services are a convenient way to access geospatial data without having to worry about downloading the latest update.

Applications are dynamic maps and related tools accessible on the web. Applications allow you to view, query and sometimes analyze geospatial data by simply going to a web page. This is the best option for using geospatial data when you do not have access to geographic information system (GIS) software.

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